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Nothing’s better than a juicy steak, hot off the grill. And whether you’re grillin’ for yourself or for a group, our chefs have the tips and tricks you need to cook your steaks to the perfect doneness and temperature every time. Call it a guide to steak temperatures or a guide to grilling greatness. Either way, we have you covered.

Get the meat ready.

Grab your fresh (or frozen) steaks and bring them to room temperature. We're assuming you already know what cut of beef you like!

Choose your desired doneness.

Rare, medium rare, medium…medium well or well done (if you must). We recommend medium rare beef for a warm and tender center.

Check the temp.

Use a meat thermometer or really impress the crowd by using the touch test method to determine if your steak is done using the palm of your hand.

Rest is best.

Once you’ve achieved your desired doneness, pull those babies off the grill and let them rest. For steak joint-worthy results, let your meat rest for 3-5 minutes. This helps the juices settle and locks in all that flavor.

Follow our grilling guide to take out the guesswork and serve up the perfect steaks every time. Still sound like too much work? Make reservations and let us take the wheel for your next meal!


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