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10 years of great history...

Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint has been a special place for many in Beloit and the surrounding communities since its opening in July of 2012. The walls are lined with images that tell stories of Beloit’s past–from Beloit Iron Works to the Goodwin House and everything in between. It’s home to first dates, celebratory dinners, engagements and many fond memories of delicious meals.

We have loved hearing stories about your cherished nights at Merrill & Houston’s throughout the past decade. We have a few of our favorites in writing, so we thought we’d share in honor of our 10th year in business.

Nate (Footville, WI)

“I surprised my wife for our anniversary last year at Merrill & Houston's and, boy, was she surprised! From the time we walked in until the surprise dessert and champagne our waitress brought to us, my wife felt as if we were royalty. She loved the wine selection and was blown away by the food! Honestly the best steak I've ever had hands down. We could not believe how everything was perfect. Your staff was amazing and made us feel like we had been coming there for years. The only bad thing I can think of is how high you set the bar last year, I know I can't find a place better. You have gained us as customers and we also tell all of our friends how great Merrill & Houston's is!”

Chelsea (Rockford, IL)

“Ten years ago I met my husband. He didn’t know it yet and neither did I. His father introduced us, and we immediately had chemistry. At the time, we were both dating other people, so we tried deeply to hide the sparks. Fast forward a few years to our first date. Although we had known each other fairly well by now, we went out to dinner at Merrill & Houston’s. Secretly we both knew this would be the best first date we would ever have. We laughed and joked so hard that my jaw started to hurt. We had the coconut shrimp for an appetizer and then the New York strip, and we sipped on Red Zinfandel until the entire restaurant was empty. Afterward, we took a walk along the river where we both made up our minds that we were meant for each other. To this very day, we still go up to Beloit every year for our anniversary. Even if we don’t have dinner at Merrill & Houston’s, we always stop into the very place where we both shared our last first date.”

Teresa (Beloit, WI)

“I was born in Beloit in 1961. The old hospital was on Olympian, it's now a senior apartment complex. When I was a teenager, we would ice skate on the lagoon and frequent Dryan's Ice Cream just north of where Merrill & Houston's now resides. As middle and high school students, we would go to Pulaski's, a bowling alley and bar where Merrill & Houston's now stands. I turned 18 my senior year, and my friends and I would frequent Pulaski's bar. They eventually tore down Pulaski's to build what would be Merrill & Houston's. I love what it brings to the community.”

Lucie (Beloit, WI)

“Merrill & Houston’s is my favorite restaurant! We like to come on special occasions, although I would prefer once a week! We first came for my birthday and we were seated below an old photo of hockey players from Beloit. My husband said the fourth player from the right is Bob Noll, his mentor and friend growing up. He was a great bird carver and history buff. I love the atmosphere, excellent food and service. Thanks, Merrill & Houston’s!”

Whether you got engaged at Merrill & Houston’s or found a photo of your grandfather on our walls, every story is important to us. Join us in a toast to 10 years of great history at Merrill & Houston's and if you have a special story, we want to hear from you!

Tell us your Merrill & Houston’s story.

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